Monday, March 26, 2012

Warmist Chris Mooney makes up another "fact": "Liberals are better at getting at the truth in complex, nuanced situations—as are their psychological brethren, scientists"

Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by Tom Nelson from The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science--and Reality

Liberals are better at getting at the truth in complex, nuanced situations—as are their psychological brethren, scientists. And that’s in significant part because they have the dispositions and personalities for it—they tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty, and they like engaging in deep and taxing thinking. So part of the truce would require conservatives to recognize that if you want knowledge, you must go to a person (or better yet, group of persons, like the scientific community) that is adept at determining what it actually is. You don’t just get to make it up for yourself and deny what actual experts say, because you’re sure you’re right.


Anonymous said...

Unmitigated bullcrap from "Mooney" Truth is that liberals like him are babes with dirty diapers while conservatives have shit detectors.

Unknown said...

I'm a Catholic, as I remember it, Sister Catherine said that about those nasty Protestants.

Anonymous said...

This is more than a little amusing. I'm a professional artist and a good number of the people in my circles are diehard, self-proclaimed Liberals who wouldn't know truth if it bit them in the face. Think about it. The dozens of Liberals in my circle give each other ear candles, gift certificates for reflexology, books on Feng Shui, have their Tarot read, see psychics, hold seances to speak with the dead, use Oija boards, carry crystals, practice homeopathic medicine, refuse to eat GM foods (that they know of), believe organic foods are more nutritious, and use $10-worth of gas to deliver 10 cents-worth of plastic to a recycling facility. None of my conservative friends do those things. Chris Mooney, are you remotely serious?

Anonymous said...

Is the following from Bob Brown in Oz Green Party an example of how Liberals are better at getting at the truth?

Anything stupider I have never seen.

Anonymous said...

Desmog is manually approving posts - yeah - that desmog - I guess their pea brains can handle the pressure from intelligent threatening.