Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Greatest Challenge of Our Species -

In the United States, in particular (but not exclusively), far too much attention has been given to the non-issue of whether climate change is real or not. In the meantime the heating of the atmosphere proceeds inexorably, the Arctic ice has thinned and retreated at its summer low to a point that it might be tied to the exceptionally warm spring in Europe and North America. Spring bloom has erupted early in North America and Europe. Most people just say how nice the weather is with no sense of the march of climate change.

Twitter / @BigJoeBastardi: Nasa scientist: climate ch ...

Nasa scientist: climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery via This is lunacy of the 1st order

FCO splashes millions on Johnny Foreigner's energy 'awareness' • The Register

Something unpleasant emerges from reading the list. There's the assumption that Johnny Foreigner is really a bit thick, and needs constant chiding and chivvying to "raise" their "awareness". The idea that recipient nations might be well "aware" of climate change, but have decided to place it very low down on their political agenda - much as President Obama has done - does not seem to penetrate the mind of the climate change bureaucrat. This is deeply patronising, and strongly reminiscent of imperialism.

But in the face of complete indifference (and even contempt) from the rest of the world, the bureaucrats plough on. The FCO regards "climate change" as an issue that gives Britain world leadership. But nobody's following us; with the collapse of any prospect of global carbon reduction treaties, the purpose of the funding is moot. Climate change now exists as a cause whose sole purpose is to propagate itself - it's a money-go-round.

The hockey stick and the climatologist: An evening with Michael Mann | Mountain Xpress | Asheville, NC

A small security team escorted Mann.

Leyne: Liberals shift course on carbon tax

it's backed down on the contentious issue of requiring school districts to pay carbon offsets.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard pays out lump sum cash bonuses for families as carbon tax compo |

CASH bonuses for families of up to $100 per child and $250 for pensioners will be deposited in voters' bank accounts within weeks as the Gillard government fights a public backlash over the carbon tax.

But taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for a public education campaign with a multi-million dollar advertising blitz in the pipeline.

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