Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NASA Expert Speaks On Coal-fired Power Plants, Climate Change - Science News - redOrbit

“Salmond should use this time and be very, very open and honest about the energy plans are for the long run and the need to move towards the post-fossil fuel era,” Hansen urged. “You might think Scotland is going to be like Norway. But that does not prevent moving towards a carbon-free economy.”

...“We could have a gradually rising tax on carbon emissions, with the money collected from companies distributed to the public in a monthly dividend, to pay less for their fuel bills and start thinking of lifestyle changes, such a carbon-efficient car or building a home which includes energy efficient features,” he added.

How has Hansen changed his own lifestyle?

Alberta, Saskatchewan singled out for lazy tack on climate change - The Globe and Mail

“In each case, technologies already exist to dramatically cut emissions,” says the report. “The only missing ingredient is political leadership.”

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