Thursday, April 12, 2012

On Astronauts, NASA, and Climate Concerns -

(I’ve haven’t weighed in until now because I’ve been working overtime helping students edit this year’s Pace University documentary, “Battle Behind the Bottle,” which is about the link between the stopper in your wine bottle and cork forests in Portugal.)

...My view is that NASA’s past and current personnel likely reflect the cultural and academic backgrounds of the nation’s educated elite in other arenas associated with engineering, government and science.

So it’s utterly unremarkable to find 49 people, including astronauts and engineers, who would publicly reject James Hansen’s view of the dangers posed by unabated emissions of carbon dioxide

Australia here I come – Telegraph Blogs

Those who are sceptical of AGW alarmism, though, are going to like me a lot. The first reason for this is that, in common with many Australians, I have a rare gift for tact and diplomacy. Not for one second in any of my speeches will I dream of being rude about Australia's much-loved A$180,000 a year (for a three-day week) "Climate Commissioner" Tim Flannery...

Time To Evacuate Tuvalu? | Real Science

There is one active tide gauge on Tuvalu, and it shows no change in sea level between 1999.625 and the most recent date of 2011.625. No wonder our leading experts are hysterical.

NOAA Tide Gauge Sea Level Trend : 1.04 mm/year | Real Science

NOAA has 59 global tide gauges with data through 2010. The average rise rate of those gauges is 1.04 mm/year, or about 1/3 of what satellites have been adjusted to.

A commenter earlier told us that satellites are in close agreement with tide gauges. Apparently 300% is considered “close” in the sea level world.

If we include all stations with data through 2008, the global trend drops to 0.54 mm/year.

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