Thursday, April 12, 2012

If you still believe that the ClimateGate emails don't cast a lot of doubt on Michael Mann and his work, check these out

Tom Nelson: Keep scrolling: Check out some of these 50+ Michael Mann ClimateGate emails

  • Priceless ClimateGate email 682: Tom Wigley tells Michael Mann that his son did a tree ring science fair project (using trees behind NCAR) that invalidated the centerpiece of Mann's work
  • ClimateGate scientists on Michael Mann and his work: "probable flaws" and "clearly deficient", and "crap" and "way too defensive", oh my!
  • 2002 Briffa email mentions Mann's "diminishing support" and the "questionable nature of much of Mann's verbiage"; says "Mike could be a lot more open about the real uncertainty of his early temperature estimates"
  • Walking the walk: Warmist Mann to Warmist Jones: "looking forward to seeing you in Tahiti, we can enjoy some nice tropical drinks w/ umbrellas in them"
  • Email 2743, Sept 2009, Michael "Robust Debate" Mann: "So far, we've simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate."
  • Email 3874: Mann sends email trashing McKitrick and McIntyre to his "Friends and Colleagues" at the New York Times, Environmental Defense Fund, EPA, and Senator Lieberman's office among others
  • For Michael Mann, oh, what a tangled web: In a 2003 ClimateGate email, he claims that "the proxy reconstructions show the post-1980 warming"
  • Email 3499: Michael Mann provides some code, cautions "don't pass it along where it may get into the hands of the wrong people"; admits something "a bit odd" that "increases the amplitude of the reconstruction everywhere by the factor 1.29"
  • In case you missed it: Hockey stick co-author: "it may be that Mann et al simply don't have the long-term trend right"; "I hedge my bets on whether there were any periods in Medieval times that might have been "warm", to the irritation of my co-authors!"
  • Michael Mann, 2006: "we certainly don’t know the GLOBAL mean temperature anomaly very well, and nobody has ever claimed we do"
  • Environmental Defense Fund aids Mann in rebutting McKitrick / McIntyre
  • Phil Jones to Mann: "both of us think that you're on very dodgy ground...What the real world has done over the last 6000 years and what it ought to have done given our understandding of Milankovic forcing are two very different things"
  • Michael "robust debate" Mann: "I never acknowledge emails from people I don't know, about topics that are in any way sensitive. this is a perfect example of something that goes right to the trash bin"
  • 2005:Mann already lawyered up
  • 2003, Mann: "NSF policy in no way legally requires funded scientists to provided their data (let alone computer codes!) for public access"
  • Michael "robust debate" Mann on the opportunity to robustly debate Steve McIntyre: "Phil, I would immediately delete anything you receive from this fraud...I would NOT RESPOND to this guy. As you know, only bad things can come of that"
  •  Email 1103, Sept 1999, Michael Mann on the use of questionable data: "I'm happy to do it and let the reviewers tell us if they see any problem"
  • [More available here]
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    Could you please post this stuff AFTER Mike gets the UVa position, just in case they check the web?

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