Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too funny: Foaming-at-the-mouth warmist Joe "Hell and High Water" Romm tries to distinguish Gore's foaming-at-the-mouth warmism from James Lovelock's now-retracted foaming-at-the-mouth warmism

James Lovelock Finally Walks Back His Absurd Doomism, But He Still Doesn't Follow Climate Science | ThinkProgress

Memo to Lovelock: Gore never asserted billions would die or anything close to what you’ve been saying.

...I also believe that even if the bad-case scenarios kick in post-2040, the world is going to reorganize much of its activity to prevent billions of people from dying. Oh, yes, billions of people are going to needlessly suffer a great deal if the deniers triumph, but stopping billions from starving to death this century will be well within our capability post-2040 even if we ruin a livable climate.

Tom Nelson: July 18, 2007: Is this the single most insane thing that fraudster Al Gore ever said?

Starting around the 13:20 mark in the audio below, Gore argues that trace amounts of CO2 could "absolutely" lead to the "complete collapse of human civilization".

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