Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Did it change your mind about climate? - Metro & Regional - National - Environment - Farm Weekly

“The truth is that we need new ways of framing this because we don’t have any time,” [filmmaker Nasht] told me.

“We have to face reality that standing on a high horse of scientific purity is not working. The 700,000 or so people that watched the show to revisit the climate change issue were forced to consider their own point of view.”

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Buying the election: Obama throws away $1.6 billion on 1.6 mile subway

Obama throws cost considerations for local transportation projects under the bus in favor of "social equity and environmental considerations," rubber-stamping an impractical 1.6 mile subway project that costs $1.591 billion more [175 times more] than a more efficient and cost effective alternative endorsed by the Sierra Club. The "social equity" beneficiaries of the $1.6 billion tax dollars: housing developers.

The CLIMATE SCEPTICS Blog: 97% of people quoting this figure are wrong.

84% of statistics are made up.

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