Thursday, May 03, 2012

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann admits that many warmists have been invited to speak at the upcoming Heartland conference; he doesn't explain why most lack the courage to accept

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Many of us have been invited. But here was a scientist who actually *asked* to participate. And he was told he couldn't.
Anthropogenic Global Warming Fact Sheet
[Jim Lakely, inviting warmist Mark Boslough to attend but not speak, just as many skeptics are not invited to speak] We've invited more than two dozen scientists who are on "your side" of the debate. Considering your treatment in the press of Dr. Harrison Schmitt – who will be presenting at the conference – you will not be getting an invitation to speak.
If you'd like to attend on your own time and dime, you can register here
I'd like to see Heartland post a list of warmists who have been invited to speak at this month's climate conference in Chicago.

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