Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More on today's failed climate protest in Chicago

A good percentage of the 31 or so marchers were evidently brainwashed young people from Shimer College.

Shimer College and the Future: Rally for climate science in Chicago, Tuesday 5/22 -- updated with poster

12:30/1:00pm--March from 720 S Michigan to the Heartland Institute's headquarters at 1 S Wacker in the Loop.

We, the climate change believers, will be holding an impromptu conference on a Local Assuredness that Climate Change Exists Conference outside of the Heartland Institute's International Climate Change Conference in the Hilton next Tuesday, May 22nd, from the late morning until the early afternoon.

...Come out and yell about the REAL climate change you learned about in SCHOOL.
Chalk the sidewalk, hand out leaflets, listen to local experts, and make sure the corporate toadies hear you inside the Hilton. 

Daily Kos: Action TODAY in Chicago against Heartland Institute pseudoscience conference (updated)

2. Suggested Twitter hashtag for this event is #turnuptheheat

Twitter / Search - #turnuptheheat - All Tweets

"Spare us all the rigamarole of lies and specious vitriol." Wordiest chant EVAR.

[374 invited] Turn up the Heat on Climate Change Deniers! | Facebook

[Ajay] I was there at 1 didn't see anyone, so walking towards Wacker Hope to see you guys there!Where are you guys?...
At Wacker, still don't see anyone:-(
[Aaron] Ajay: I think the decision was not to go to the HQ. Sorry about that man!

Twitter / OccupyChicago: Disrupt the Heartland Inst

Disrupt the Heartland Institute Climate Change Deniers! 11AM 720 S. Michigan(&Balbo) 12:30 March to 1. S. Wacker (HQ)

[video] climate change protest pt ~2, Recorded on my Android phone. SamwiseOccupies on USTREAM.


dansbooks said...

And this was a "failed protest" because--what?--the Heartland Institute still exists? The planet is not suddenly cooling off? People like you say it was a "failed protest?"

Cam said...

Yet another ignorant blog post by an ignorant person. Heartland are failing and dying for a good reason. They have been exposed as liars.

Please get a better education... and/or brain ;)

Anonymous said...

Cam Gould is a chicken farmer in Australia - yup - a real genius.