Saturday, June 16, 2012

Greens feast at another Rio trough | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Actually, Lenore is wrong. All those meetings in nice foreign places are exactly the harvest those carpetbaggers were after.  That, and free cash.

Fancy having a meeting that would solve everything. There would be no more excuse to go traveling again to some conference that let you preen with the powerful and sound off like Jesus Green Christ, at no cost to anyone but some dumb taxpayer.

The meetings are the whole idea.

Of course, the wheels are now falling off the green bandwagon:

Polar Bears Found Capable of Swimming Long Distances in Open Water | The SPPI Blog

Pagano et al. conclude: “we show that both adult female polar bears and their dependent young possess an ability to swim long distances.” They also state that “most of the long-distance swimming events that we identified involved bears swimming from unconsolidated sea ice to the main pack ice or to land.” In other words, few swims recorded were from land to sea ice, indicating that during the open water season, most southern Beaufort and Chukchi Sea polar bears are on the sea ice, not on land — a point also made by Durner et al. (2011). In addition, the results of this study suggest that despite there being little or nothing for female polar bears and their cubs to eat on shore during the late summer months in the southern Beaufort Sea, the few bears that remain on shore are apparently not so hungry that they are undertaking long-distance swims to the pack ice to relieve their fast, although they appear able to do so. Despite an overall decline in September sea ice levels between 1979 and 2010, this study found no significant correlation between increased long-distance swims and increased amounts of open water in this region over time.

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