Saturday, June 16, 2012

Warmist David King claims "we are faced with a human existential crisis" as he tries to re-direct funds into the green economy

Sir David King lambasts Treasury for preventing green economic recovery | Guardian Sustainable Business |

To move this partnership agenda forward, King is using his position at the Smith School to next month bring together 250 of the world's most influential politicians, investors and business leaders from developed and developing countries to debate how to re-direct funds into the green economy. Those who have already registered for ReSource 2012 represent more than $4tn in assets.

...King recognises that the power of the fossil fuel lobby is making it hard to make progress but he believes their power is at a high point and will soon start to wane.

"The power of big money has been incredibly successful in destabilising the transition, even more successful than the doubt that was sown between smoking and cancer," he says.

"The scientific community felt very battered by the University of East Anglia climate revelations but they continue to beaver away showing predictions for the next 20 years ago are even worse than predicted and we are faced with a human existential crisis.

"That will be the force that will bubble through. There is only so long you can deny that cigarette smoking is not linked to cancer until it becomes absurd."

...King is famous for saying shortly after 9/11 that climate change was more challenging than terrorism.

He says he created that "sound bite" because he felt climate change was not on the public agenda and wanted to create interest in the media and says we need many more people in positions of authority to raise their voices and create a stir.

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