Monday, July 30, 2012

Climate: Work on climate change happening outside the public eye -- 07/30/2012 --
But Tom Williams, a spokesman for Duke Energy Corp., said he saw no renewed interest on the part of the energy sector in climate change.

Duke was a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, an industry and nonprofit coalition that lobbied during the last Congress for a carbon dioxide cap-and-trade bill. But Williams said the company would not support a tax on carbon dioxide, which would not afford the same market mechanisms to lower the cost of overall compliance.

And Williams said that Duke saw little need to wade into the issue, given that climate change is barely registering as an election issue this year and does not appear to be on the legislative agenda anytime in the near future.
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I’ll be curious to see how the emerging climate movement motivates people to act while they are curled up in a fetal position.
A Growing Fire Threat In The Eastern U.S. | ThinkProgress
The East, in fact, has a forgotten history of big burns. In New Brunswick, Canada, the Miramichi fire of October 1825 — one of the three largest ever recorded in North America — burned over three million acres, devastating the towns of Newcastle and Fredericton and killing 190 people. Hundreds more drowned in rivers where they took shelter with their livestock. And on October 8, 1871 — the same day that the Great Chicago Fire exploded — a wildfire twice the size of the state of Rhode Island overran Peshtigo, Wisconsin, killing between 1,200 and 2,400 people, marking the greatest loss of life to a wildfire in the nation’s history. Seventy years later, British and American militaries studied the dynamics of the Peshtigo fire to plan the bombings of Dresden and Tokyo during World War II.

But while all those factors still exist, today residents of eastern forests have all but forgotten the threat — and with good cause. During the past 75 years, the Eastern U.S. has seen a steep decline in the number and size of wildfires.
- Bishop Hill blog - Climategate police investigation - the closure report
Leo Hickman has posted a link to Norfolk Constabulary's official closure report on the Climategate investigation. I don't see anything important in it, but interesting all the same.

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