Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inside Michael Mann's bunker: He's carefully set up a "cocoon of unreality" in an attempt to avoid any contact with people who disagree with his junk science

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[Michael E. Mann] just cleaned a half dozen trolls from this thread. got to wonder who is sending them this way ;)
Email 1335, Nov 2005, Michael "Robust Debate" Mann on the prospect of attending a workshop also attended by a guy who disagrees with him: "If Zorita is in, I am out!'

Email 2743, Sept 2009, Michael "Robust Debate" Mann: "So far, we've simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate."

Michael Mann on keeping up with the scientific literature: "I don't read E&E, gives me indigestion"

A tip from Michael Mann on how to handle scientific debate: Set up your email server so that it automatically rejects email from people who disagree with you

2003: Michael Mann on what "the community" should do to punish a journal that dared to print dissenting views on the climate hoax

Michael "robust debate" Mann: "I never acknowledge emails from people I don't know, about topics that are in any way sensitive. this is a perfect example of something that goes right to the trash bin"

Michael "robust debate" Mann on the opportunity to robustly debate Steve McIntyre: "Phil, I would immediately delete anything you receive from this fraud...I would NOT RESPOND to this guy. As you know, only bad things can come of that"

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann appears at his own college; but fails to take live questions from the audience

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann allegedly says when it comes to battling global warming there is no time to waste on debate

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann blocks Anthony Watts on Twitter

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann admits that many warmists have been invited to speak at the upcoming Heartland conference; he doesn't explain why most lack the courage to accept

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann update: "Only confirmed followers have access to @MichaelEMann's Tweets and complete profile"

Update: Note also that Mann only makes carefully selected media appearances where he knows he'll face only friendly, softball questioning: examples include Majority Report, Point of Inquiry, and Al Jazeera.


Derfel Cadarn said...

When open debate is not an option then you no longer have science ,you have religion. Religion does not encourage thinking it stifles it.

David in GA said...

"Religion" is too broad of a term "cult" is more precise.

There are self-styled "religions" that do little more than encourage open discussion without any meaningful boundaries or goals.

A "cult" is what you intend as among the elements thereof are secretive, often arbitrary, abusive, and manipulative centralized control, as well as restricted freedom of thought and action.

Anonymous said...

Mann has a job - being the second face (after Gore) of CAGW. It is his vocation, avocation, profession and persona. It is his ego and his legacy. Regardless of the outcome of AGW, he will wear the crown of martyrdom, the laurel wreath of Caring For The World.

Michael Mann wants to be John the Baptist, not Christ Himself, as that position is already taken by Gore, but as close as he can - and perhaps he will outlive the Gore and receive the mantle from up high.

All this is Mannian marketing. And it works. For now.

Erhlich is still at it; Mann has an easy act to follow. You don't have to accurate, right or practical. You just have to have large amounts of hubris.