Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Which is backed by more convincing hard data: The idea that God uses natural disasters to punish pro-gay people, or the idea that Gaia uses natural disasters to punish pro-Republican people?

Twitter / Silvio_Marcacci: Wouldn't it be poetic justice ...
[retweeted by several warmists, including Kate Sheppard and A Siegel] Wouldn't it be poetic justice if the GOP convention was hit by climate change-fueled severe weather? http://ow.ly/d7Ih1
Twitter / modestholdings: @silvio_marcacci Now, now. ...
@silvio_marcacci Now, now. You're starting to sound like Pat Robertson.
Do Gays Cause Hurricanes?
Before Pat and his Christian cronies get too carried away promulgating the idea that natural disasters are prompted by people who displease God, they should take a hard look at the data. Take tornadoes. Every state (except Alaska) has them - some only one or two a year, dozens in others. Gay people are in every state (even Alaska). According to Pat's hypothesis, there should be more gay people in states that have more tornadoes. But are there? Nope. In fact, there's no correlation at all between the number of gay folks (as estimated by the number of gay political organizations, support groups, bookstores, radio programs, and circuit parties) and the annual tornado count (r = .04, p = .78 for you statisticians). So much for the "God hates gays" theory.

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