Friday, September 07, 2012

Conventions Revive Climate-Change Debate -
Even if Obama wins a second term, however, it will be difficult for him to advance a climate-change bill. He’ll face either a divided or heavily Republican Congress, in which climate-change legislation stands little chance of advancing. Instead, he’s likely to continue to use the executive authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to roll out new climate regulations, such as rules requiring that coal-fired power plants slash their carbon emissions—a deeply unpopular tactic.
Billions in carbon compensation pits brown coal against black | The Australian
THE nation's dirtiest brown-coal power stations face a savage backlash from less-polluting coal facilities in NSW and Queensland, which are demanding that a $5.5 billion compensation package for the carbon price be radically revised after Labor's backflips on key planks of the carbon policy.
Twitter / mark_lynas: Holy woo! Prince Charles supports ...
Holy woo! Prince Charles supports homeopathy on farms... Had no idea he was *that* batshit crazy.
New Environment Secretary Commits To ‘Explore’ Climate Change Response | The Global Warming Policy Foundation
Department fails to respond to reports that new Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is sceptical on the scientific consensus on manmade climate change
Japan Axing Nuclear for Renewables Means Missing Carbon Goal - Bloomberg
Phasing out nuclear power in Japan will cost the country the equivalent of $622 billion to build a power grid around renewable energy and means it will fail to meet a target to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

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