Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gee, thanks: English major (and former AGU director) Chris Mooney alerts us to "the clear and present danger of carbon-poisoned weather"

Twitter / ChrisMooney_: Words alone won't save us, ...
Words alone won't save us, but silence seals our fate. Speak out to end the
About Climate Silence | Climate Silence
In the past four years, Americans have been struck by a barrage of billion-dollar climate disasters, driven by increasing greenhouse pollution from fossil fuels. From record heat waves to increasingly powerful storms, crushing droughts to unprecedented flooding, the impacts of climate change are now squarely being felt within our borders, to say nothing of what the future holds for our country and the world. Yet, amazingly, the clear and present danger of carbon-poisoned weather remains largely absent from this year's presidential election.
2010: The Reference Frame: New director of the American Geophysical Union: Chris Mooney
Chris Mooney, a holder of an English degree, is one of the AGU directors. No kidding. Click at the page above.

He was clearly elected not just despite the fact that he is just an obnoxious verbal terrorist attacking most of the American nation for purely ideological reasons most of the time: they elected him because of that. His outrageous texts politicizing science such as The Republican War on Science didn't hurt him: they actually helped him.

How could the unlimited corruption of the AGU become more manifest than if a director is a person who has demonstrably no knowledge about the scientific discipline, or any scientific discipline, for that matter, and who doesn't even hold a minimal scientific degree?

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Hugh K said...

What is the fascination these Moonies have with fanatacal religious cults?