Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Do The War On Cancer And Climate Modeling Have In Common? - Forbes
Does this sound like science to you? Would you like to turn climate modelers’ black box computer programs over for review by independent scientists with the stature of, say, the late Richard Feynman? Would you like to see them publish a few testable hypotheses that actually stand up to scrutiny?

Or do you prefer to unquestioningly worship climate science as if it were produced by saintly beings untainted by worldly matters? Do you consider their pronouncements sufficient justification for turning the keys of the economy over to bureaucrats who believe that replacing oil, gas, and coal with windmills, biofuels, and solar cells is part of a holy crusade to save the planet (even though that won’t make one iota of difference to the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide in the foreseeable future)?

Considering what is at stake, how much proof should be required before we rush off and destroy the economy of the world in order to save it?
Cornell Chronicle: Times blogger Revkin tackles fracking
[90-minute video of Revkin is now available.  I've only watched 1/3 of it so far.  These days, Revkin seems far less certain that CO2 is highly dangerous.]

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