Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hockenberry digs in deeper: Now he suggests that there is a difference between "skeptics" and "scientists"; also says scientific questioning and doubt gets exploited as "debate" and "uncertainty"

Live Chat 2 p.m. ET Thursday: Inside the Climate Wars | Climate of Doubt | FRONTLINE | PBS
[Hockenberry] The saddest thing about this story is that we heard mostly absolute certainty and dismissive confidence among our skeptic friends while it was our scientist friends were quick to say that doubt is how science is conducted, people questioning each other's work all the time. The doubt of the scientists was always real but was always about how much we know about the planet and need to know not about the trend of global warming.
Their search for truth and quest to challenge each other's findings was exploited as "debate" and "uncertainty" by people in the political world. In some ways the scientists didn't have a chance in this battle... but that is my personal opinion and some of our scientists would not have agreed with me.

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Russell C said...

While he apparently avoided my specific question in that Live Chat about "re '... until the fire is in the stairwell.' Did you approach this story from this angle when you began, i.e. the issue as settled science, or were you unsure or unaware of the scope of skeptic climate scientists' assessments and wanted to simply find out more, and your research during this project convinced you there is this 'fire is in the stairwell'?"

.... along with 13 of my other questions: