Wednesday, October 31, 2012

McIntyre’s triumph over Gergis, Karoly, and Mann | Watts Up With That?
Mann, in correspondence with the authors Gergis and Karoly, in his typical style tried to sell a collection different workarounds for the problems they brought on themselves, and in the end, his advice was rejected, the JC editors told the authors the paper was not viable, and the authors were forced to withdraw the paper. Full stop.
Catch up - [Jon Snow C4 news, it must be caused by global warming!]
[From reader Mick: Here is Jon Snow of C4 news working hard to get a scientist to confirm that AGW is responsible. The scientist paints a somewhat broader picture but it seems Jon Snow is not listening or not comprehending perhaps.]
PJTV - Hear Why Liberals Are Starting to Admit that Obama Is the Least Transparent President Ever - PJTV Specials
[12-minute video] Christopher C. Horner talks to Allen Barton about his book The Liberal War on Transparency. According to Horner, President Obama is the least transparent president ever. In fact, even liberals are starting to admit that the Obama Administration is among the most secretive presidencies in history. Hear why in this special interview.
Extraordinary Alarmist Propaganda Destined for Our Classrooms – Part 3 « Tallbloke's Talkshop
Here is the final part of the document outlining the way climate change will be taught in our classrooms. In part 1 we saw some extraordinary claims about the rate of ice melt on Greenland – gone in 50 years. In part 2 we saw how the syllabus will be organised in England, Wales and Scotland. Here we move to experimental work, with two demonstrations. Words fail me, so I’ll let you look for yourself and provide some critique in comments on the suitability of these ‘practical science lessons’ for training young minds after making them fearful of ‘man made climate change’ caused by ‘radiation from greenhouse gases’.

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