Monday, October 01, 2012

Next Cold War? Shale Gas Boom Rattles Russia | The Global Warming Policy Foundation
The Wall Street Journal: The Kremlin is watching, European nations are rebelling, and some suspect Moscow is secretly bankrolling a campaign to derail the West’s strategic plans. It’s not some Cold War movie; it’s about the U.S. boom in natural gas drilling, and the political implications are enormous.
Europe’s Gas Prices To Surge On Wind-Power Backup, New Report | The Global Warming Policy Foundation
Bloomberg: European natural gas prices will rise most on cold, still days in future as the fuel becomes the preferred backup for intermittent wind power toward 2030, according to Poyry Oyj.
Kumi Naidoo On Why You Should Be at PowerShift 2012 - YouTube
[One minute video] We asked Kumi Naidoo, the executive director of Greenpeace International to tell us why he though PowerShift is an important moment for young people in Canada.
Weathergirl Goes Rogue 2: Still Hot, Still Crazy - YouTube
It's still hot and that's crazy, but important people aren't talking about it.
'Discard the ideological trappings of neo-liberalism' | Andrew Dobson | Environment |
We need to discard the ideological trappings of an increasingly discredited neo-liberalism – such as the fetish of consumer choice, or the notion of the small state. The financial tsunami that has caused bankers to fear, depositors to panic, and governments to act reflect an economic system that plays with our future as if it were a number on a roulette wheel. An active eco-state will never be the whole answer to the epic challenge of climate change, but it surely forms a big part of it.

• Andrew Dobson is a professor of politics at Keele University

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