Monday, October 01, 2012

Because of the threat of CO2-induced bad weather, maybe we'll urge you to give up your car

'Our lifestyles in rich countries come at a cost for others' | Barbara Stocking | Environment |
The hard truth is that our lifestyles in rich countries are not compatible with our efforts to confront climate change. Our over-consumption of resources comes at the cost of the life chances of those who are denied their fair share of access to water, energy and food. But until we grasp this fact, our politicians will dodge the hard decisions.

We will not achieve a quite radical transformation to a low carbon economy without a popular politics of fairness and thriving. One thing we feel must change at Oxfam in our campaigning on climate change, is to engage our supporters not only in thinking about the lives of poor people affected by climate change, but also about their own lives and lifestyles.

Perhaps the time will come when instead of asking supporters to campaign with us on biofuels, we will urge them to give up their car. After all, when the people lead, the leaders will follow.

• Barbara Stocking is the chief executive of Oxfam

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