Monday, November 19, 2012

As more than 200,000 Syrian refugee children struggle to survive the bitter cold, pampered Western elites still worry that less than a degree of warming over a century is the most important problem ever

ITN News » Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children face harsh winter
More than 200,000 Syrian refugee children are facing a bitter winter of sub-zero temperatures without proper shelter and clothing, Save the Children has warned.

The aid agency is calling for urgent funding to provide refugee families with enough warm clothing to help them survive.
Mike Penrose, Save the Children's humanitarian director, said: "As winter sets in, families are starting to take increasingly desperate measures to keep warm.

"In the Al Qaem camp in Iraq, children have told us that they haven't washed for more than two weeks because the water is ice cold.

"Unless we can help families get ready for the harsh weather ahead, we could see the weakest and most vulnerable succumb to the cold and associated diseases."

The region's harsh winter will bring torrential rains combined with freezing temperatures. Many refugees are now clustered in camps or living among local communities in desert or mountainous areas, which will be hardest hit by the cold.

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