Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grist warmist Philip Bump calls Al Gore "the face of the left’s radical environmentalism...a not-very-popular climate activist"

Why Al Gore should pipe down about a carbon tax | Grist
Into this delicate, not-yet-stew of ingredients lumbers Al Gore.
Gore introducing himself into the conversation makes it harder for Obama to act, not easier. For Obama to seize Gore’s invitation and advocate a carbon tax would inflame partisan opposition in the House at a moment when it’s clear that’s not to anyone’s benefit.
...Gore could actually seize upon his status as the face of the left’s radical environmentalism and create space for the president to move on the issue. ...he says what he wants Obama to do, and makes it much harder for Obama to actually do it — even if he wanted to.
...he’s not vice president anymore, just a not-very-popular climate activist.

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Anonymous said...

How could Gore be "the face of the left's" etc.? He's an American politician, and they are all right wingers. Some are just scary right, like Gore, and the rest are terrifying whackos.