Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introduction to My WattsUpWithThat-TV Presentation | Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations
The IPCC and other proponents of anthropogenic global warming have relied on the general public’s lack of understanding of the natural processes that cause the oceans to warm. The IPCC et al (I wonder if Al Gore thinks “et al” means “and Al Gore”) would have preferred of course that everyone remained in the dark.

Hopefully after watching my presentation, viewers will have a better understanding of those processes. And hopefully the viewers will be as amazed as I was at how blatantly obvious it is that the warming occurred naturally. It’s really tough to miss once you know how it works.
Slate: Obama on climate change: Carbon tax isn't going to happen.
To be fair, that doesn't mean Obama won't do anything to address climate change. As Time's Mike Grunwald put it: "The good spin is that Obama intends to keep working on climate in ways that his enemies can't accuse him of working on climate." To me that means more green pork, more industrial policy, more tax breaks, and incremental progress on things like fuel-efficiency and green-building standards. All of which are important in the absence of a real climate policy, don't get me wrong. But all of which might just as well have happened under a Romney administration.
LA Times - Obama signals he's putting climate change on back burner
the president also signaled that reducing carbon emissions comes nowhere near the top of his agenda
Secrets Of The Climate Modeling Mystics | The Resilient Earth
The Mauritsen et al. paper is a detailed description of the lengths to which climate modelers have gone to force their models to give the desired results. This is because, by their own admission, their models are incapable of giving real results. What is more, the prospects of them being able to do so in the foreseeable future are not good. This is why putting one's faith in computer climate models is a fool's game—unfortunately fools abound in our world.

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