Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Alarm in the Offing on Climate Change - NYTimes.com
[Justin Gillis] I caution that it is a draft, so we don’t know what final language will make it into the report. I am always hesitant to give too much credence to drafts that could change substantially, but in its current form, the document minces no words.  [Hey Justin:  If the science is so settled, why would anything "change substantially"?]
Scientists Advocate Climate Realism at Heartland Institute’s ICCC-8 | Heartlander Magazine
“This conference shows that a growing number of people are challenging global warming alarmism even here in Germany, where alarmism is most deeply entrenched,” Wolfgang Müller, the EIKE point person for the conference, told Environment & Climate News. “Every year the conference grows in size and political impact. The government hates us for it.”

Müller encouraged The Heartland Institute to work with EIKE to present another International Conference on Climate Change in Europe during 2013.
Wind farm contracts that will lead to higher energy bills should be re-written, says MP - Telegraph
Wind farm contracts that could lead to higher energy bills should be re-written to protect consumers, an MP has said.
Global warming no longer a myth - Technician: News
“Winter doesn’t seem to exist anymore,” Bruck said.
Twitter / RichardTol: Pachauri says "naughty leaker!" ...
Pachauri says "naughty leaker!" and then leaks himself the sooner he goes, the better
Australian heatwave part of global warming trend: IPCC | Connect Asia | ABC Radio Australia
The IPCC Chairman, Rajendra Pachauri says there's no doubt last week's extreme heat in Australia is part of a global warming trend.

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