Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Heads we win, tails you lose: While warmist Thomas Stocker claims that solar forcing has an "extremely small" effect on warming, warmist James Hansen tells us that solar forcing is "potentially a potent force for cooling"

Solar forcing effect on climate change 'extremely small': IPCC scientist
Changes in solar radiation, known as solar forcing, have had only a very small effect on climate change, a member of the UN’s top panel of climate scientists said today.
At the time of the leak, the climate change skeptics blog, Watts Up With That drew attention to what it described as a “game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing” but co-chair of the IPCC’s Working Group 1, Professor Thomas Stocker said that solar forcing actually did not play a major role.

“As the scientific publications indicate, the assessment is not yet completed. We are looking at an extremely small effect here, that’s what one can say from the publications but I should stress the experts are still performing their assessment,” he said a press conference in Hobart today.
Flashback: ...did we mention that the solar minimum is "potentially a potent force for cooling" according to James Hansen?
"The longevity of the recent protracted solar minimum, at least two years longer than prior minima of the satellite era, makes that solar minimum potentially a potent force for cooling," Hansen and his co-authors said.

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