Wednesday, January 16, 2013

European Climate Institute: “Climate In Germany Has Been Cooling For 15 Years”!
The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has been looking at the temperature trends for Germany. The German media, politicians and institutes have been insisting that warming and climate change are happening faster than ever. However, this claim is completely foreign to reality.
The Reference Frame: Clock: doom arrives in five minutes
Holy cow. There hasn't been any global warming for 16 years and even the global warming – by which I mean the increase of the global mean temperature over the timescale of several decades – which was observed earlier is completely unspectacular and probably mundane in the history of the Earth. It is not hard to figure out that the global warming hype has been added to the mix by the climate doom crackpot (not really "atomic scientist"!) Richard Somerville (and perhaps some of his soulmates).
Articles: Memo to Beijing: Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Smog
Even if you fervently believe that emitting carbon dioxide will lead to catastrophic global warming, CO2 has nothing -- zero -- to do with the air pollution in Beijing. And it's not a mistake without consequences. China has a serious health problem to address, one that has effects carried past their national boundaries. If Beijing chooses to placate environmentalists by spending money on carbon dioxide mitigation and diverts resources from smokestack scrubbers and automobile pollution controls, the result will be unnecessary suffering, sickness and premature deaths.
Visualizing Heidi Channel Fraud | Real Science
The dishonesty of people profiteering from the global warming scam, seems to know no bounds. Climate Central’s description is deceptive. Untampered thermometer data shows that the US used to be much hotter.

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