Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polar bears in winter: insights from modern research and Inuit hunters | polarbearscience
I suggest, based on the limited modern and historical data, that the impression Gerrit De Veer had more than 400 years ago may be correct – that polar bears become inactive in the dark that affects regions above the Arctic Circle, even when the weather is not especially cold or stormy. Polar bears also spend time in shelter dens later in the winter in order to stay warm and save energy in foul weather.
The Carbon Sense Coalition » The Gorbel Prize
Green politicians need to learn Newton’s Law of Government Regulations: – “Whenever government legislates to force an economic outcome, the long term effect will be equal and opposite to that intended.”

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of green politics, where laws designed to help the environment are harming the environment. To publicise this stupidity, the Carbon Sense Coalition has created “The Gorbel Prize for Green Policies that have Inconvenient Outcomes”.

The winner of the Inaugural Gorbel Prize is the UK government whose green policies aim to make it uneconomic to burn coal...
Twitter / RyanMaue: Next Tuesday morning, Chicago ...
Next Tuesday morning, Chicago near zero, Madison -10°F, Minneapolis -20°F, Montreal -30°F.
Blizzards to bring 10 inches of Snow at the Weekend by Nathan Rao, Daily Express | Climate Realists
BRITAIN is braced for another barrage of storms with up to 10 inches of snow by the weekend.
The Met Office said colder-than-usual conditions are likely until the second week of February with snow likely to be “more frequent”.

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