Monday, March 18, 2013

Bill McKibben: "white America has fallen short"

Immigration reform — for the climate -
We may need, for example, things such as a serious tax on carbon; that will require mustering political will to stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

And that's precisely where white America has fallen short. Election after election, native-born and long-standing citizens pull the lever for climate deniers, for people who want to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency, for the politicians who take huge quantities of cash from the Koch brothers and other oil barons.


Anonymous said...

Bill McKibben has a relatively small following among the true believers in climate change. None of them is ever going to change their view.

Why do we not just ignore McKibben and avoid presenting the appearance that he has some credibility by publishing and then criticizing his bizarre statements?

papertiger said...

Sure BIll McKibben has a relatively small following. Unfortunately his followers have names like New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily Journal, News and Review, DISCOVER, Huffington Post, the Malibu Times, the Press Herald, Insider Monkey, Business Week, Yahoo News, Santa Barbara Independant, NPR News, Lancaster Online, Think Progress, The Christian Science Monitor, Daily Globe, The Guardian,, and so on and so on ...

I could do this all day.

I think if there are anonymouse people urging restraint and that we not pay heed to a degenerate and reprobate like McKibben, that means he's probably in the middle of comitting criminal, unethical or even treasonous acts right at this instant.

Doing something so dispicable and ugly, he hopes no skeptical viewer will pay attention to it.

Sam Pyeatte said...

The implication is white people are smarter....less likely to fall into the climate scam. Bill McKibben seems to be borderline psychotic...he needs to see a shrink, and take a very long cruise to somewhere warm with palm trees and alcoholic beverages.