Monday, March 18, 2013

Can We Assume That Mann Reviewed Marcott? | Real Science
Marcott’s hockey stick is turning out to be a complete disaster for the team, lacking any credibility and making a farce out of both climate science and the peer-review process. Can we safely assume that Michael Mann reviewed it?
Flashback: Hockey Stick Graph Now Even More Stickish | Mother Jones
[Mar 8, 2013] Michael Mann, a climate researcher who has endured a blizzard of attacks from climate deniers over his original hockey stick graph, figures the team who published this work will suffer the same fate. "I am certain that professional climate-change deniers will attack the study and the authors, in an effort to discredit this important work," he told the Times.
Warmest Temperatures In 4,000 Years? Not So Fast, Global Warming Alarmists - Forbes
The Marcott proxy reconstruction shares much in common with the Mann hockey stick. Marcott is a young, recently graduated Ph.D. student whose asserted temperature reconstruction has launched him out of obscurity into media fame. As was the case with Mann’s hockey stick, objective scientists quickly pointed out serious flaws in the Marcott reconstruction. Also similar to the Mann hockey stick, the media is ignoring the devastating critiques of the Marcott reconstruction and misleading the public into believing that we finally have a study showing essentially the same thing that Mann claimed before his hockey stick was discredited.
The scientific record shows quite clearly that current temperatures are significantly cooler than the 4,000-year average, yet the media uses a seriously flawed study to claim the opposite. Global warming alarmists put their trust in the media, while global warming realists put their trust in the science.

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