Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Warning Signs: The Mini-Ice Age has Arrived
Recently Corbyn announced that “The CO2 story is over. It has been pointing the world in the wrong direction for too long. The serious implications of the developing mini ice age to agriculture and the world economy through the next 25 to 35 years must be addressed.” World cooling is now locked in says Corbyn, citing the decrease in average solar activity and a jet stream that is often further south than normal, resulting in extreme weather events.
Progression Of The Early Spring Since 1946 | Real Science
In 1946, Tidal Basin cherry trees had already bloomed in DC by this date.
Most Of The US Coast Has Below Normal Sea Surface Temperatures | Real Science
One of the big Sandy lies was that global warming had overheated the ocean.

This is quite remarkable, given that the entire US coast (except for New England) has below normal sea surface temperatures.
Climate Quiz | Real Science
Can you stop hurricanes by driving an ugly little $40,000 car?
Coldest March In Tennessee Since 1960 | Real Science
March temperatures to date have been the coldest since 1960 in Tennessee, and have barely warmed since January 1.

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