Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Action needed to stop 'climate deniers' from winning the information war

the environmental movement is seriously losing the battle with the climate change deniers...
Disinformation appearing in mainstream media about the science surrounding climate change must be stopped! This unfounded propaganda, much of it funded by the energy industry, is a major reason why not enough progress is being made in attacking the causes of global warming.

Thousands of environmental networks and organizations need to divert some of their attention away from their normal work and focus more on winning the information war.
The movement has many effective communications systems that could be used to combat disinformation as well as help journalists better understand the realities of global warming.
A small number of effective yet not costly activities could be developed. For instance, networks or groups could be organized so that, when significantly damaging and unfounded articles appear in media, they are challenged within hours with emails, phone calls or visits from environmental advocates.
Among other possible activities, some acting as either “good cop or bad cop,” could include:
-After particularly damaging articles appear, demand equal space for rebuttal,
-Meet with editorial boards to discuss the findings and point out the facts,
-Develop allies in influential media organizations and trade organizations who will join your campaigns


Sean said...

I wonder if it ever occurred to these people to have a debate?

Dave Beal said...

Perhaps the reason is it is people like you misinforming the public about the contrived global warming. There is none. NONE. And even moreso there is no such thing as manmade global warming. Total alarmist stab in the dark. Get your facts straight. The biggest gaffe of all is blaming CO2. CO2 goes up AFTER a warming period, when more plants grow, not before a warming cycle.

Harry Dale Huffman said...

These are activists in a political, ideological cause, not a scientific one. They accept the false climate consensus as given, as have all of the supposedly authoritative institutions I hasten to add, and the political war that has been going on increasingly between Left and Right for decades, has effectively driven them insane. They understand the political "debate"; what they cannot begin to understand, it seems, is that two generations of incompetent climate science have failed all of us, and that is what is behind the "conspiracy of denial" they imagine they are seeing now. Put another way, they were effectively kidnapped by bad science many years ago, and made to identify with their kidnappers, and do their bidding. They have made themselves the victims so many of them believe themselves to be, but the force that bedevils them is their own cult, not the "skeptics" and "deniers" of the false science.