Monday, May 06, 2013

Fair and balanced: After warmists blamed CO2 for tornadoes and climate realists pushed back, warmist AMS pres. Marshall Shepherd accuses both sides of abusing the tornado issue

Twitter / DrShepherd2013: science lit very clear that ...
science lit very clear that tornado activity- change links weak, why r certain groups making record low tornado news ??
Twitter / hebrooks87: @DrShepherd2013 Perhaps because ...
@DrShepherd2013 Perhaps because others made big deal how high tornado numbers a couple of years ago
Twitter / DrShepherd2013: @hebrooks87 Exactly Harold, ...
@hebrooks87 Exactly Harold, and I made the same point then as well, I think the tornado issue has been abused on both sides of #climate disc
2008:  John Kerry blames tornados on global warming - Stingray
According to Earth & Sky, there are "no scientific studies solidly relate climatic global temperature trends to tornadoes."

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Anonymous said...

Man-made climate change due to increasing CO2 is causing more and more dangerous tornadoes. We need more hybrid cars. As Senator Dick Durbin said on this subject, it's your money or your life.

Ordinary people:
That's not true.


When highest concentration of CO2 and fewest tornadoes in a 12-month period coincide ...

Marshall Shepherd:
Both sides are abusing the tornado issue.