Tuesday, May 21, 2013


House leader pushes material disputing climate change | Kansas
[House Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast, R-Emporia] "I do agree that sound science comes from the Heartland Institute."
The veracity of human-caused climate change has become a subject of debate in the Legislature this year amid talks about the state's renewable energy standards.
Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, the chairman of the House Energy and Environment Committee and a climate change skeptic, brought four climate scientists to his committee in February, two of whom testified that their research doesn’t support any link between human activity and global climate change.
One who testified that such a link does exist, Johannes Feddema of The University of Kansas, said he feared the number of skeptics invited to speak could mislead lawmakers about how much dissent there is on a scientific topic on which "98 percent" of researchers agree.
NOAA Global Temperatures Out – 3rd Coldest April This Century | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
This worrying news, about the planet getting colder, is understandably getting warmists into a frenzy.
Arctic Ice Extent Highest For The Date Since 2002 | Real Science

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papertiger said...

No, what Feddema feared was that he'd actually have to defend his position with evidence.

I'd say that having at least one of the pro AGW alarmists reduced to arguing "Mr. X,Y and Z agree with my unscientific position therefore I must be right", leaves that side, his side, with possibly one scientist (the other guy) and one opportunist politician pretending to be a scientist, ie Mr. Feddema.

Personally, I am so sick of losers and trolls claiming 98 percent of this or 97 percent of that is some sort of argument. Not on this planet it isn't.

All it proves is that Johannes Feddema is a whore willing to say anything for foodstamp money, which makes him unqualified to represent any position in a scientific debate.