Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bastardi: Dismantling the EPA's extremist views regarding CO2

Evidence That Demands a Verdict — The Patriot Post
The systematic assault on economical energy sources and the economy by the EPA was given de facto approval, if not encouragement by President Obama in his speech two weeks ago on the environment. As his words sunk in it became apparent that he seeks to isolate and demonize those who wish to confront him on this matter with facts, and by doing so, destroy opposition to a policy that his EPA has enacted based on easily disproven assumptions. Give the fact that poverty rates continue to rise in our nation under his watch and that the true workforce continues to drop, he seems dangerously out of touch with the facts. Yet he accuses others of such behavior either out of ignorance, arrogance, or both. His EPA has been ruling by decree based on ideas that ignore facts and disregard the harm they are doing to the nation...

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Anonymous said...

I agree, but I have just a little niggle.

EPA rules by administering regulations. Obama rules by decree (executive order).

The executive branch of all governments rule by decree. This is the way Roman Emperors governed after the demise of the Republic.

The ever-increasing growth in rule by decree is the sign of transition to an Imperial Presidency. Blocking the imperial president is the real reason the GOP is trying to maintain the right of filibuster.

Problem is that when the next imperial Republican president is elected, the Democrats in Congress will have to assume the same role as the GOP is assuming now.