Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bummer: CO2-induced "climate holocaust" is allegedly coming unless we “replace the predatory, corporate capitalism that we live under”

Climate change realism requires lifting veil of denial | Georgia Straight
“If we get well away from 2 ° C, it’s really not going to be a world [in which] most of our kids will want to live,” Stephen Sheppard, a professor in the UBC forestry faculty, says in a Skype interview.
“I have no doubt this is the most important moment in the history of the planet,” says Robert Jensen, a professor in the school of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, in a Skype interview. “People often say that’s alarmist or hysterical, but I think it’s simply an accurate assessment of the world.”
A 4 ° C rise in average temperatures, which is increasingly becoming very possible, would destroy about 85 percent of the Amazon forest. “This is going to hurt you soon, as an individual, as opposed to some abstract view of what might happen to the planet 50 years from now when you might be dead and gone,” says physician turned scientist Ajit Varki
We’re entering a future hostile to human life.
[Varki] When it comes to climate change—you can coin the word climate holocaust—we’re not taking it that seriously.”

...We persist in our ways, apparently unwilling to, as Jensen says, “replace the predatory, corporate capitalism that we live under”, a system that itself might be one expansive monument to the denial of our connection to the planet and the consequences of violating it.

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