Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pretty tiny caucus of Republican carbon dioxide hoax tax supporters in the U.S.: A few guys outside of Congress and a staffer who doesn't even dare to attach his actual name to the idea

RealClearScience - How the GOP Could Win the Climate Debate must be revenue neutral.
...Reducing income taxes can spur growth and investment. [If Americans previously paid $X annually in income tax and you switched to making them pay $X annually in carbon dioxide hoax tax, how does that spur growth and investment?]
Republicans in Congress could quickly reclaim this debate, but I recognize this won’t happen until a critical mass of conservatives in the general public buy in. That’s why conservatives outside of Congress -- the ones “with nothing to lose” like Bob Inglis, George Shultz, Art Laffer and Kevin Hassett -- are paving the way for Republicans to take the small government, pro-growth conservative stand on climate change.
Eric Bradenson, writing under a pen name to protect his boss and himself, is a conservative staffer on Capitol Hill working for a House Republican.

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