Monday, July 22, 2013


Winter To Make An Early Return To The Arctic, Forecast Shows
Ellesmere island, the 12th largest island in the world, will be about 5°C below normal over the coming week. A large part of the Arctic will be below freezing by early August, according to forecasts. This flies in the face of “accelerated warming” that is supposed to occur in the Arctic.
The Gay-Rights Playbook: How to Fight Climate Change Now - The Daily Beast
Yet consider the similarities: just two decades ago, when people like me came out as gay, we encountered denial, fear, shaming, stereotyping, silencing, and a cultural debate over whether our experience was natural.

Today all the same dynamics are at play around those who “come out” with their concerns about climate change: denial, fear, shaming, and stereotyping that leads, of course, to silencing. And all of this leaves us with little more than a stale debate about whether climate change is natural.  [Wait, if fear of CO2 is such a mainstream thing, why do people have to "come out" with their concerns about climate change?]
Twitter / FutureTenseNow: Can agriculture help reverse ...

Can agriculture help reverse climate change? Join , , & more in DC on 7/25

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