Monday, July 22, 2013


Why coal has a hit on “America’s Got Talent” | Grist
Democrats, or at least liberals, and especially climate hawks, are fated to forever be pushing the new, promising the future, projecting what could be. It’s an intrinsically weaker position and highlights the great need for creativity and storytelling. Can you even imagine someone in Jimmy Rose’s position singing a song about solar power that brings an audience to its feet?
...Van Jones is fond of saying that every coal miner should be give a million dollars and a parade: “Thank you for your service; you may retire in honor.”
Twitter / enviroblack: A green investment mega-corp ...
A green investment mega-corp idea from James Cameron, for global and more
Twitter / cwhope: Seems @afneil took his ...
Seems took his contentious temperature graph straight from Phil Jones data
Self-debunking new study: Last time atmosphere was at 400 ppm CO2, sea-level was 65 feet higher |
So doesn’t that say something about the mere presence of 400ppm CO2?

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