Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A Peek Inside The Twisted Mind Of Climate Alarmists | Real Science
They say that the world is falling apart, and that they need to get evil deniers out of the way to save the planet.

Then they find out that the Earth isn’t warming and that the ice caps aren’t melting. One might expect that they would be happy to learn that they won’t be boiled in Exxon oil after all.

Instead, they get angry – because it has nothing to do with “saving the planet” and everything to do with stealing other people’s money and power.
Most Geoscientists Reject Global Warming Theory | Power Line
What I refer to as the “global warming theory” is properly denominated “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.” Alarmists constantly pull a bait and switch by claiming that nearly all climate scientists “believe in global warming.” But what does that mean? The only proposition on which there is anything like unanimity is that it is warmer now than during the depths of the Little Ice Age–an utterly trivial proposition. Those who demand draconian action on the climate must go far beyond this: they must argue that 1) the Earth is warming at an alarming if not unprecedented rate, and will continue to warm significantly in the future; 2) that warming will have catastrophic consequences; 3) the warming is caused primarily if not exclusively by human activity; and 4) there are some practical measures that humans can take to prevent future warming from occurring. It is clear that only a minority of scientists in the relevant fields believe that all of those propositions are true.
Jamie Whyte: Science Says So, Suckers! -
Forget the increased funding of their research. What scientist does not what to believe he has made a genuine discovery? I doubt there has been a scientist in any immature field of inquiry who did not overestimate the credibility of his ideas, including those whose theories turned out to be right. Especially when those ideas, if true, might be used to save the world. Scientists are no less susceptible to the fantasy of the heroic scientist than intellectually lazy American presidents, enthusiastic undergraduates or anyone else.

We are asked to believe that "climate change is happening" because scientists with obvious incentives to overstate their achievements tell us that their untested models prove it. Those of us who remain skeptical are then accused of being anti-science fools. Funny.

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