Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Tony Abbott's climate plan has $4bn funding gap, new modelling shows | World news |
Tony Abbott will have to find at least another $4bn for his climate policy or else break his pledge to cut emissions by 5% by 2020 and instead allow them to increase by 9%, according to new modelling suggesting the Coalition's Direct Action plan cannot work.
The Bronze Age collapse was caused by climate change: study | The Raw Story
A cold, dry spell that lasted hundreds of years may have driven the collapse of Eastern Mediterranean civilizations in the 13th century BC, researchers in France said Wednesday.
House Republican ready to 'defund the EPA' - The Maddow Blog
In this unnerving clip, Miller argues in a room full of people, "This whole Al Gore thing of climate change unfortunately is not doing this nation any good."
Large coal power plants getting life extensions | Star Tribune
“For us to just abandon those plants and build all renewables or all natural gas would be an economic hit on our ratepayers that would be just unbelievably bad,” said Brian Rude, vice president of external and member relations at Dairyland.

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