Wednesday, August 07, 2013


GE dumps solar panel manufacturing business; Free Enterprise Action Fund vindicated again! |
During the 2000s, Steve Milloy’s Free Enterprise Action Fund repeatedly told GE CEO Jeff Immelt that expensive green energy technology was a loser.
Outright Criminal Fraud Is The New Normal | Real Science
Having been vanquished by reality, US scientists backed by the White House have begun brazenly lying about the state of the climate.
- Bishop Hill blog - Environmentalist journalist
Louise Gray has adopted the role of recruiting sergeant for the Balcombe protest camp, offering up helpful advice on what aspirant participants should bring along:
I think this probably kills off any suggestion that Gray is a reputable truth-seeking journalist.
The AGU climate policy statement as redrafted by Monckton | Watts Up With That?
Our influence on the climate is minor but beneficial
Critiquing the Record of Our ‘Scientist-in-Chief’ | Somewhat Reasonable
"Given my grades in physics, I’m not sure [I’m] deserving,” said the president — before going on to note that “I hold science in proper esteem, so maybe that gives me a little credit.”

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