Monday, August 26, 2013

Warmist Michael Mann: Hey, I just remembered “It shouldn’t matter whether or not you stand to profit from the continued sale of fossil fuels”

Twitter / RyanMaue: Climate scientists have found ...
Climate scientists have found a new love & home on Al Jazeera America (unlimited funding from Qatari petro-dollars)
Al Jazeera's Climate Activist Fans Don't Care About The Network's Ties To Oil-Rich Qatar
Climate activists, though, don’t see a problem: Reporting on, or even talking about, climate change over Al Jazeera airwaves, they say, is an improvement from what viewers see on the networks or the three leading cable news channels — no matter the source of funding.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Michael Mann, a climatologist at Pennsylvania State University who was also a guest on the Inside Story climate panel. “What it says is that it shouldn’t be a matter of your politics or your monetary bottom line as to whether or not you believe in the science of climate change.”

“It shouldn’t matter whether or not you stand to profit from the continued sale of fossil fuels,” Mann said, when asked about issue of Qatari funding. “This is a network built on oil money from an oil-driven economy, but they don’t see the need to deny the reality of climate change.”


Anonymous said...

Al Gore says that Al Jazeera's news coverage of environmental issues is "excellent". The money doesn't matter if the message is CAGW.

Tucano said...

Qatar is also the main backer of the Syrian armed rebels. Qatar wants a friendly Sunni based government that will allow them to build a natural gas pipeline which will connect with the one already built in Turkey to sell gas to the Europeans. The gas angle also explains its "support" for CAGW propaganda. Apparently the Saudis don't want Qatari gas flowing through their country.

Anonymous said...

Qatar doesn't want the USA self sufficient by using fracking. The green crowd are just useful idiots at the moment.

Derfel Cadarn said...

Interestingly no mention of the "green industries" that have and continue to profit from government malfeasance directly tied to the outright lie that is global cooling/warming /climate change.