Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Can This Little Guy Really Take on the Big Bad Oil Industry? Probably Not.
Popular Mechanics cites Cornell Professor David Pimentel, who’s found that it costs nearly 1.3 gallons of oil to produce 1 gallon of ethanol. [Via MT]
James Hansen : Celebrating 25 Years Of Official Incompetence | Real Science
Five of the worst drought years in US history occurred during the 1950s. The odds of drought were 2:1, not 20:1
Siemens Ditches Public EV Charging Business : Greentech Media
A slow roll for electric vehicles puts a damper on selling charging stations.
A cozy relationship between regulators and activists: James Varney | NOLA.com
Many top guns at the EPA have resumes dotted with work for activist environmental groups. The revolving door between the EPA and often more combative greens has led to what Sen. David Vitter, R-La., calls a "sue and settle" tactic, in which the EPA and the environmental outfits get a court's imprimatur on an arrangement they sought privately beforehand.

That is a costly charade for business, but the alliance also means business must navigate capricious regulatory schemes, never sure if the real rules are those spelled out or more severe ones hatched among folks who view energy production through a menacing lens.

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