Tuesday, September 03, 2013


NOAA 1989 : No Warming For A Century | Real Science
A few years later using his special powers, Mikey Mann found an unprecedented warming trend since 1850 – which NOAA had been unable to see any evidence of just a decade earlier.
Twitter / TundraSwans: The permit would allow for ...
The permit would allow for up to 3 eagles to be killed each year by turbines with no penalty to the wind farm owners.
World Bank taking ‘aggressive action’ to ensure world’s poor have NO ACCESS to electricity | JunkScience.com
World Bank-required emissions standards will just put electricity more out of reach without providing any public health benefits. Poor people need power — especially the electric kind. That would improve public health more than anything.
1990 Shock News : No Global Warming For A Decade | Real Science

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