Tuesday, September 03, 2013


A wind of Change – or an Unchanging Windbag? » Climate Resistance
Hickman, of course, knows little of his specialist subjects. He doesn’t understand the debate. But he has got an address book. And he knows which journalists are sympathetic to the WWF’s agenda. Thus, he knows how to get WWF campaign press releases to fellow churnalists. It’s the same story with Richard Black, who went from the BBC to the Global Ocean Commission (which sounds official, but it’s a Pew Charitable Trust project), and Damian Kahya, who went from the BBC to Greenpeace. Environmental political activism isn’t about science; it’s about strategy.
EU states fail to back British goal to halve emissions by 2030 - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Sep 3 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Britain’s call for the EU to halve its greenhouse gas output by 2030 appears to have little support among other member states, EU documents showed Tuesday, casting doubt on the likelihood that the bloc will agree such a deep medium-term goal to tackle climate change.
How Climate Change Created the Syrian Crisis - Ring Of Fire Radio: Robert Kennedy Jr, Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder

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