Thursday, November 14, 2013


2013 Global Temperature – Flatlining
On Wednesday the Bank of England governor Mark Carney said that the UK’s economy was improving and that the time had come to view the glass as half-full and not half-empty. It would be nice if sometimes reporting of climate change stories occasionally looked at things from a different perspective as well.
Revkin: Can We Outgrow Growth (as the Metric That Matters)? -
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Amstrup compares climate change to a Titanic for polar bears | polarbearscience
The earliest breakup date in recent years (since 1991), by the new method devised by polar bear biologist Seth Cherry, was June 17, 1999. Breakup has not been that early since.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Settled science: German scientists discover bacteria that make ice, clouds & rain; may significantly affect climate
Scientists have discovered that a humble species of bacteria may play a major role in producing planetary climates by "seeding" clouds with ice-producing proteins.

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