Thursday, November 14, 2013


Global Warming Activism And Christianity: Beware Of Modern Inquisitors Toting Bibles - Forbes
In short, Thistlethwaite may be a past president of a seminary that advocates leftist liberation theology, but this doesn’t give her any semblance of leadership or representation of conservative or mainstream Christian thought. Moreover, her condemnation and insulting rhetoric directed at skeptics of her asserted global warming crisis have no religious, scientific or moral weight.
More delegates on hunger strike at UN climate talks | ABS-CBN News
A database obtained by ABS-CBN News shows at least 60 people from one umbrella organization alone, the Climate Action Network, signing up to go on a hunger strike.
[Sano] also said he no longer craves food, but avoids the smell of it and does not go inside the Warsaw national stadium's food court as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

Lies and more lies

2013 'one of warmest' on record

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"2013 one of warmest on record"
Further evidence 25 years of world wide carbon(sic) taxes DO NOT stop climate change, nor stop typhoons (Haiyan) . Does anyone have evidence of carbon(sic) taxes stopping climate change?