Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Goofy 'Green' Gifts for the Tree Hugger in Your Family This Solstice Season | CNS News
I'm dreaming of a green Christmas. OK, I'm not. But, there are sure a bunch of eco-nuts out there who have designed some of the strangest environmentally-sound Christmas (Solstice?) gifts you can imagine.

These are the kind of folks who look at holiday time as propaganda time.
Mail carrier battles cold weather
Mid-Missouri mail carriers were slipping and sliding in wind chills below zero this Christmas Eve morning.
PressTV - India's homeless battlling harsh winter
As the cold wave intensifies in north India, thousands of homeless people have been braving the harsh winter on the streets of Delhi
Record harvest in almost all major crops | Leduc Rep
Alberta broke several agricultural records in 2013, with the province reaping unprecedented totals for crop production and sales.

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