Monday, April 28, 2008

Agent Leigh Steinberg dons his tinfoil hat

Interview With The Agent: Leigh Steinberg | Bleacher Report
Leigh Steinberg: I think that we've reached a tipping point in terms of Global Warming. We have prodigious intellect and technological skills but deeply flawed emotional systems. It seems to be blinding us as a species to our own imminent demise as a species. The signs of global warming and climate change are all around us: the Earth is getting warmer, we have nonstop hurricanes and tornadoes, viruses keep emerging, oceans are rising, and icecaps are breaking. 40% of the pollution we are breathing in California comes from China. The imperative to act on this or face a dramatically degraded quality of life for now and forever, is now we risk being the first generation to hand down to our children a drastically reduced quality of life. And the mistake is thinking somehow that the Earth is in danger. The Earth will keep on rolling through ice ages and any manner of climate change. It's our species that's fragile.

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